Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As a writer, we are constantly striving to express ourselves. To bring forth our own truths and lay them out for the masses in an attempt to find others who either agree with us and pat us on the backs to say: "Yes, you are right!" Or, we are hoping to bring something more, to push the fundamental boundaries of what we consider to be the truth, to engage peoples minds and hope to give them a new perspective on what they feel is "truth". I am definitely of the latter persuasion.

The journey I've made over the last five years, when I began to take my writing seriously, and found my drive to pursue this as a full-time career has been an enlightening one. I've learned that I do have important things to say. And while not everyone needs to hear them and there are many who are above my message(s), I do have an audience. 

The most important factor in all of this, was not finding the audience per se, but finding my own voice with which to speak my message. Another contributing element to my journey was the fact that while I personally feel the call to spread my message to the masses, I didn't think my message was important enough. Who would listen to the ramblings of a woman who does not hold a college degree? What right do I have to speak my truths to others and spread the messages I deem worthy?

The conclusion I finally came to, and what propelled me forward on this journey is this: We are all given gifts. This is my gift. I know it to the core of my being. I struggled my whole life in one profession or another and completely denied my passion for writing. Like a scribe being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, I could no longer ignore my calling.

I have something to say, I'd like you to listen. You can agree with me or disagree...either way it does not matter. What matters is that I am fulfilling my destiny by listening to my passion. What matters is that I say it. That I write it and I put it out there. It matters not what the populace at large thinks. Just the simple act of fulfilling my end of the bargain is enough. If I'm able to reach one person and turn them around on something in a positive way...then I become richer than a sultan.

Do I care if I actually become a published author? Hell yes! Do I want to sell loads of books? Yes, please! But for now, I'm on my journey. I'm making it happen by simply putting myself out there. And it will happen when it's meant to...


  1. Well I am going out to buy a copy of your book! andwhen the one about racism comes out, I will by that one too.

  2. Wow! Thanks! I'm honored...truly!