Friday, May 14, 2010

Snippet of the week from: Gather the Broken

She slowly opened her eyes, glaring at him like a lion waiting to pounce. “You bring out the devil in me,” she said, in a tone that made his stomach quiver.

“Oh God, I hope so.” His eyes struck out at hers like daggers.

The fire he had been stoking within her had now become a backdraft of desire. It sucked the air out of his lungs then rushed forward, piercing his heart like a knife. His hands flew up to her hair, pulling it at the nape of her neck, cradling her head in his forearms. Her hands grabbed at the back of his jacket between his shoulder blades, pulling at it to keep her balance. Gabriel slowly moved in closer, stopping just short of her mouth. He slowly pulled her head back further by pulling on her hair, exposing her neck. He wanted to bite her, but instead slid his tongue slowly from her collarbone up, trailing the side of her neck. The cool tip of his nose sent shivers through her. He felt her nails dig into his jacket, pulling it down further. He moved to her ear.

“No doubt you have experienced intimacy with a human. Would you like to experience it with a vampire? It is infinitely superior,” his voice resounded deep and slow in her ear.

She sunk her nails into the flesh of his back at his words. “I cannot,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Oh yes you can,” he said in her ear.

“No,” she said, unable to move her head from his grasp. His every word struck at each nerve ending like a giant bell ringing, the sound reverberating over her. The sensations whipped over her in waves with each word in her ear.

“It’s easy—just say yes,” he whispered.

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