Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snippet of the week from Gather the Broken ~ Chapter Two

Shane proceeded to look her up and down very slowly, hand on his chin, taking in the sight of her again. This of course made her uncomfortable and her defenses raised all kinds of walls and barriers, closing herself off. She decided to give him a pissed-off look.

“Ouch, this one bites!” he clasped his hands behind his back. “It is my estimation that a ‘Daniella’ wouldn’t dress in head-to-toe black.”

“That’s a ridiculous estimation on your behalf,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest. “I however, could deduce from your meager attempts to ascertain my character solely by means of taking in my appearance, that you judge a book merely by its cover, rather than its content.”

“Touché. However, I should point out that certain tactical settings require such snap judgments. In fact, ascertaining character by even the subtlest of nuances could mean life or death,” he smiled wryly at her. “To clarify: By definition, estimation is an approximate calculation, not exact, and therefore open to interpretation. Speaking of definitions, do you always speak as though you’re reading a dictionary?”

The fact was, she did this when she felt that her intelligence was taking a back seat to her pretty face. In most cases, when a man obviously found her attractive, she pulled out the dictionary-speak to fend them off. Usually it sent them running to their mommas, but this guy wasn’t budging. It only seemed to egg him on, and now he was turning it back on her, the smartass!

“Annoying: To cause annoyance; irritatingly bothersome,” she recited from the dictionary. “Oddly, I don’t recall seeing your name in the definition,” she replied with a face of mock confusion.

“I’ll notify Webster’s of your finding,” he returned.

“Annoying and arrogant.”

“Two for the price of one. Act now and you get a set of Ginsu knives. But wait! There’s more!” he continued in an infomercial-type tone.

She rolled her eyes at him, but wanted to laugh.

“Just concede and I’ll stop.”

“Yes, I’m Danie, okay? Are you pleased?” she conceded, arms flopping to her sides. She could stand here looking at his face all day; but really, she wanted to smack that smug look off his gorgeous face. Besides, work was beckoning.

“No. Not really.”

“And why is that?”

“I’ve offended you somehow,” he said, staring at her with his arms crossing his broad chest, one hand covering his square chin and full lips.

His immense biceps taunted her eyes. Not wanting him to know it, she looked away.

“I’m offended by everyone, don’t take it personally.”

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